Our Projects

Our Projects

Supply of 10k Wellhead System for ASSA NORTHAPPR



1 MINISTRY OF WORKS Construction of Access Roads & Drainages at Bolon Road, Nasarawa LGA, Kano State. Completed
2 Nnpc/ngc Erosion control works to protect exposed ngc pipelines btw kp31+000 & kp32+715 in Ogun state Completed
3 Nnpc/ zakhen Construction of 25km 36 inch Excravus Lagos pipeline Completed
4 NDDC Construction of Orie Akwa –Afor Akatta road, Oru LGA, Imo State Completed
5 NDDC Construction of Solar powered water project at Iheagwa Owerri West LGA, Imo State. Completed
6 NDDC Contract for Solar water Scheme in line with Vision 2020 ( Lot 14) at Kalaibiama in Opobo/Nkoro LGA, Rivers State Completed
7 NAOC Rehabilitation and Asphalting of new base access road and mess area. Completed
8 NAOC Completion of Alex Okoro Street, Omoku River State Completed
9 NAOC Construction of Car park in block a,c,d & e at Ebocha New base residential area Completed
10 PRIVATE Construction of three Duplexes in  G.R.A Port Harcourt Completed
11 NAOC Minor Concrete Surfacing works on Mgbede 21 Location for NRG 101 work over rig activity (25m x 25m ) Completed
12 NAOC Preparation of IDU 9 Location for rig activity concrete works , drainage & waste pits Completed
13 NAOC Construction of Mgbede 6 Location for work over rig activity. Completed
14 NAOC Rehabilitation of EBEGORO Location for work over rig activity Completed
15 NAOC Rehabilitation of IDU 7 Location  Access road section  B Completed
16 NAOC Reconstruction of IDU main road  section  a,b,c Completed
17 NAOC Construction  of access road to Akri 5 and 9 Location and access  road to flow station Completed
18 NAOC Flow line Laying replacement and repair in the Land area Completed
19 NAOC Perimeter Fencing and Provision of solar street lights in Ebocha pipe rack area. Completed
20 SPDC NAM WH Delivery Service Completed
21 SPDC Supply of 10k Wellhead System  for  ASSA  NORTHAPPR Completed
22 NAOC Minor repair work on Ebegoro 13 for Hana 120 work Over rig activity Completed

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